Job shadowing is a challenge

2021-08-19 13:58:19

Job shadowing can be useful even for experienced workers! 

Observing the work process in a foreign company or organisation allows development and gaining new knowledge and inspiration - a fact experienced by our next guests, Portuguese teachers! 

Our guests visited Center of Vocational Training no 1 in Krakow, Print Hero print house and PRE Edward Biel company.
For a couple of days, they entered the role of students and observed the work methods in Polish companies. In their free time, the teachers were touring Krakow. They also visited Salt Mine “Wieliczka” and Auschwitz Birkenau Museum in Oświęcim with the guide. At the end of their stay in Krakow, we handed over the Erasmus + participation certificates to our guests.
Without a doubt, job shadowing is a challenge! We are happy that our foreign visitors are eager to take up that challenge!