We carry out the professional internships in Krakow which is attractive for business purposes but also because of its tourist monuments, cultural diversity and its spirit openness tor foreigners. We hold workshops customized to many specific directions of education. The students have practical classes under the supervision of vocational instructor and possibility to have study visit in companies.   


  • tourism
  • hotel industry
  • catering industry and gastronomy
  • railway professions
  • forestry
  • horticulture (gardening)
  • agriculture
  • logistics
  • IT technologies
  • electrical engineering
  • electronics
  • economy
  • locksmithery and welding     
  • and in many other professions. 


Upon the participants' arrival at the airport, bus station, or train station, a representative from our organization will be present to greet them and facilitate transportation to their designated destination via car or bus. Upon arrival at the final destination, the group tutor will extend a warm welcome, provide an overview of the project details, and acquaint the participants with the internship location.


Students are offered food and accommodation during their stay. They are housed in studio apartments featuring private bathrooms and toilets. The rooms are furnished with 2- or 3-bed setups, complete with furniture and amenities, including Internet access.


Participants' work necessitates the use of either English or German language. Prior to commencing their daily duties, stuidents will partake in language courses. These classes will cover various language components, including grammar, specialized vocabulary, oral communication, and writing skills. Each student will receive instruction tailored to the specific aspects of the chosen language—English or German—relevant to the internship environment.


Krakow stands out as one of the world's most captivating cities. Bursting with students, it pulsates with energy day and night. Visitors are spoiled for choice with a plethora of attractions, monuments, clubs, restaurants, and pubs. The city hosts numerous concerts and festivals throughout the year. Among its most renowned tourist spots are The Old Town of Krakow, The Wawel Royal Castle, and The Krakow Main Market Square—a grand medieval square, reputed as the largest in Europe. Krakow's ambiance is truly unique, boasting countless museums and magnificent landmarks such as St. Mary's Church, Cloth Hall, and charming old tenement houses.


At the start of their mobility, students are provided with a monthly pass for public transport, enabling them to explore Krakow and its surrounding areas at their leisure. We also offer an enticing cultural program, featuring guided tours that acquaint students with Krakow and other noteworthy destinations in Lesser Poland. These excursions may include visits to Zakopane, the capital of the Polish Tatra Mountains, the Wieliczka Salt Mine, or the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Oświęcim.


We collaborate with numerous companies in our region to facilitate work placements for students and graduates across various sectors. Leveraging insights from their studies and profiles, we meticulously match each participant with an appropriate work placement.


Prior to their arrival, participants will be required to complete certain documents to assist us in preparing the most suitable work placement. Additionally, we encourage students to create a Europass CV and motivation letter, providing insight into their professional interests. It's crucial to note that proficiency in English or German, along with a positive attitude and eagerness to engage in daily tasks, are vital for success in the work placement.


The duration and schedule of working days vary depending on the professional sector. Typically, participants work from Monday to Friday, although in the tourism sector, weekend shifts may also be assigned. The weekly working hours do not exceed 40 hours, typically comprising 8 hours per day. Working hours in Poland are typically continuous, with only a brief lunch break.


Throughout the work placement, participants will receive regular supervision and support from their tutors to address any challenges. Upon completion of the work placement period, the company will issue a certificate to the participant, along with the Europass Mobility Certificate outlining the tasks and skills acquired during the placement.


Each participant  will receive three certificates after the internship:

  • Europass Mobility Certificate fulfilled and signed by the hosting company,
  • Letter of reference issued by the hosting company,
  • Certificate of our organisation that states his/her participation in the Erasmus+ programme.


The participants will benefit from continuous supervision provided by a tutor throughout their internship. This tutor will offer support and guidance during the internship period and will be responsible for organizing meetings and overseeing the practical aspects of the experience. Additionally, each participating company will assign a tutor who will inform the participants about their tasks and provide supervision during their work.