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Visitors from Germany

2021-10-13 12:34:07

Another internship & job shadowing behind us! Maybe not too humble, but we are happy to inform you that both the internship and the job shadowing ended with great success! The students and the teachers of the... read more »

Never get bored in Krakow!

2021-10-13 10:39:47

Anyone who has ever been to Krakow knows it is a place you can't get bored with! During the stay in Poland our interns from Portugal have visited Etnographic Museum in Krakow (MEK) which accumulates the oldest and the most numerous... read more »

Erasmus Krakow Newsletter #1

2021-08-20 12:39:07

Here are some glimpses of news from Krakow! We invite you for internships and job shadowing activities in a range of Erasmus+ programme. We hope that you will have a great adventure in Krakow! Below, you can see our Newsletter in... read more »

Job shadowing is a challenge

2021-08-19 13:58:19

Job shadowing can be useful even for experienced workers!  Observing the work process in a foreign company or organisation allows development and gaining new knowledge and inspiration - a fact experienced by our next guests, Portuguese... read more »

Interns from Germany

2021-08-19 12:47:04

This week we welcomed our next group of interns - this time around from Germany! The students are undergoing an internship in a range of Erasmus+ project in one of the Cracovian companies focused on trade and distribution - Platinet.... read more »

First job-shadowing already behind us!

2021-08-19 11:50:08

First job-shadowing featuring Portuguese teachers already behind us! We had an opportunity to talk about impressions and experiences while handing over the certificates. We are delighted to hear that the Portuguese team was enjoying... read more »

The Portuguese group in Krakow

2021-08-19 11:45:27

The Portuguese group of interns has arrived in Krakow! This time we host as many as ten interns, together with two teachers who came to Krakow for job shadowing Amongst interns, there are students of two specialisations. Culinary... read more »

Intership and touring!

2021-08-04 09:53:09

Summer holiday is the perfect time for an internship and touring! You can't get bored with Kraków-Częstochowa Upland! That's why our new intern Annabell already visited Bledow Desert, Ogrodzieniec Castle and Ojców National Park. In... read more »

Exploring Krakow - the cultural programme

2021-06-15 11:27:15

Erasmus + is not only about internships. It’s also exploring new places, culture and history.   Our intern, Thao, is exploring Krakow in her free time. In her mentor’s company, she visited Koścuszko and Piłsudski mounts, she also... read more »

We are back in action!

2021-06-15 11:02:14

You have no idea how happy we are about the pandemic situation calming down – we can invite interns to Krakow again!    In recent days, an intern from Berlin, Thao, arrived in Krakow. Under the Erasmus + programme, she is... read more »

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